9 Coolest New Gadgets 2021 | You Must Have

There are more technically amazing products you might not be aware of their existence.

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9 Coolest New Gadgets 2021  You Must Have

1. Q Active 200 speakers

The Q Active 200 speaker is one of those audio outputs built with a high-resolution wireless system just to deliver brilliant sounds that completely fit your choice. Regardless of your choice of music, the Q active speaker seamlessly finds the balance in your lifestyle.

It contains two unique speakers that produce high quality sound. Due to a discrete control hub, you have wireless access, enhanced performance and complete control of your choice of source - smartphones, television, turntables, hard drives or other source available.

The body was flawlessly designed to portray exactly the quality of the sound coming from it. Incorporating the speakers with a Creative rear-firing concealed subwoofer makes it possible for it to deliver an intense, powerful bass while it also makes the Q Active easy to position around your space.

This device also features a Voice control – built in Chromecast, Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri for easy voice control. You can get this speaker for an estimated

price of $1999.

9 Coolest New Gadgets 2021  You Must Have

2. Bagletti

It can be quite frustrating when you are being delayed because of one or more reasons before you can board your next flight. Well, here is something that will help you lower the tension and keep you comfortable all through.

The Bagletti is the next level of all suitcases that can be transformed into a chair, bag, and even a mattress. 

That's incredible! While waiting, you can just choose a good spot for yourself and easily transform the suitcase into a chair you can conveniently sit in. Despite the transformation of the suitcases, your stuff is intact and safe in your bag. You can be rest assured about charging your gadgets- Whether it's a laptop, tablet, phone, or wireless headphones, the Built-in compartment for the power bank allows you to recharge your gadgets.

The price is estimated at around $299

3. HyperDrive Triple 4k Display clock

This is an incredible innovation for connecting your Macbook to multiple displays. The Hyperdrive is an all in one multi-display dock which delivers at a Triple 4k 60 Hertz video, you don't have to worry about having to connect to several dongles or docks that require you to download drivers using software conversion, which limits your video capabilities at the end of the day – it can be pretty annoying.

The dock comes with three HDMI ones and three DisplayPorts, all of which support 4K displays with a rate of 60Hz. With this, you get a faster and reliable Gigabit Ethernet connection. There are several USB Ports for fast c and quick data transfers.

The manufacturers gave the hyperdrive a sleek and precise design that perfectly suits the Macbook pro’s elegance. Regardless of the size of your Macbook Pro, it will flawlessly fit the gadget. You can connect a thirteen or fourteen-inch MacBook pro to two external displays or connect a 15 to 16 inch MacBook pro to three external displays.

This single dock has been engineered to work with every model and inch of Macbook Pro. The good news is that the flexible cable of the duct makes it possible to connect to a Windows PC, IOS, and Androids. Hyperdrive is estimated to be worth $249.99

4. Reevo hubless E-bike

The Reevo hubless E-bike is indeed an incredible gadget. It looks stupendous compared to any bike or E-bike you must have seen before. If you need speed, Reevo’s powerful E-drive will give you the maximum level of speed you desire, or you can opt for the adaptive pedal assist.

Yes, it has hubless wheels that have been meticulously tested for impact and verified to be safe up to 265lbs. In addition, the wheels are triple-sealed from the elements for superb long-term reliability. You don't have to feel anxious when you park your bike as there is an anti-theft system built in the bike; it requires and recognizes only your fingerprint. Also, the vigilant microchip actively scans to detect motion, and it immediately alerts your phone if triggered.

The GPS Tracker in the bike can locate it anywhere in the world using the Reevo lamp. Cool, isn't it? It has an automated LED headlamp that detects

darkness and automatically turns on and off the ultra-bright headlamps and tail light. This will ensure you stay safe no matter when you ride. It's worth about $2698

5. Sens.ai

I'm not sure if you know that you can work out your brain to your desire just like you work out your body. Well, Sens.ai Is a wearable gamma Neurofeedback

that can help you develop your brain and boost its productivity to a super level at your comfort. Sens.ai trains and stimulates your brain and heart to get the best of you.

This device is needed by those looking forward to an improved cognitive acuity, creative mind, physical fitness, and an effective meditation period. You can take your brain capacity to the next level in just a few weeks of consistent usage of the device. Sens.ai will take you beyond the level of brain monitoring but give you scientifically sound data that denotes meaningful differences in focus, memory, sharpness, stress level, and more. You can get this for $999


Having something as small as this WOWSTICK, doing a job mightier than that of a sword, is incredible. WOWSTICK is a cordless lithium-ion battery-powered hand-drill created just like a pen, making it an ideal tool for everyone, especially DIY-ers.

This one-piece miniature electric hand drill for creative activities features a super lightweight, ultra-quietness, and great portability. It can fit perfectly into your hand like a pen while doing what you have to do.

WOWSTICK hand drill makes drilling small holes on any material easy; resin, plastic, wood cardboard, paper cardboard, crafts, model making, aluminum/copper sheet, and foil. The tool kit has eight drill bits made of hardened steel: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.2mm to suit any size of hole you'd love to drill. $49 can get you this.

7. Nano leaf lines

This is a Modular backlit smart light bar connected to create virtually endless designs. Nano leaf line changes the color of light to transform your space into giving a cool feel and look.

Take your gaming and movie night session to the highest level of fun with the screen mirroring feature as you watch the colors from your screen explode onto your Lines while the heads of your enemies do the same. It has a built-in rhythm music visualizer, which makes the lights dance to the tune of your music to add more fun to your space.

I guess it feels so good that you can control the lights from any angle of your room with the app on your phone and also by using voice control. It's pretty easy to fix the nano leaf lines, and it brings nothing but beauty to your room. You can get this for &199.99

8. Helico

Helico was engineered to serve as a fidget toy for creative thinkers. It is portable and compact, with a herringbone profile enough to fiddle when you need to think wide or relax your brain. It is deceptively challenging with multiple modes of operation- you could spin, roll, use it as a magnet.

While fiddling and looking at the toy, the appearance is sure to mesmerize you and offer you satisfaction during usage. But, you know what? It's difficult to master; it will take enough time and mastery for you to master the mechanism of this you.

9. Huenit

Huenit is an AI camera and modular robot arm. It could perform multiple  - a 3D printer, Laser, a pen holder for suction, and an AI camera.

Huenit has an AI camera module equipped with elements that support real-time image recognition and even voice recognition through built-in microphones. It is capable of various artificial intelligence technologies such as face recognition, image classification, object detection, line tracking, color recognition, human segmentation, etc.

The tools used to perform their different functions can be easily attached and detached. Using the laser tool on the device can work on any material, and it can automatically replace the tool by itself. You can create any 3D object with the device’s high-precision 3D printing capacities. The pen holder on this tool can turn you into an amazing artist, plus the creator tool can do almost anything you want it to do.

With built-in wifi and Bluetooth, it connects to your smart devices. Controlling it is made easy with the touch control device.

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